Today's cloud & IP technology can save your business in call & hardware costs... We make it our business to lower your bills.

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Total project management.
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Quality wireless connections & remote access security... Mobile solutions to keep you connected anywhere, anytime...

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Inter-branch, digital networks, PBX, Headsets, Video Conferencing, Voice hardware, Call Monitoring & reporting... Smart business communications...

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High resolution IP & CCTV cameras.
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CTS PROVIDE THE LATEST IN communications, data & electrical cabling, Cloud & Voice services, wireless networking and security systems

With over 25 years in Business Telecommunications & IT, we use our extensive knowledge to provide only tried & tested solutions to improve your business systems & bottom line.

> Specialists in Cloud & IP Phone Systems  - Versatile Cloud PBX options, give your business the professional profile with LG Ericsson, Aria & iPECS, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung...

> Certified Data cabling  - Cat6, fibre, wireless & digital networks, scanned & backed up by our 20 year supplier warranty.

> Voice & Broadband Services - looking for cheaper calling & broadband rates for your company? Couldn't be simpler & we'll take care of it all for you.

> Data/Electrical Project Management - established partners with Telco's, Electricians, Site Safe, Security, IT, software & hardware suppliers for complete Cabling job quotes & installation.

> Security Cameras - high resolution IP solutions, for remote monitoring & surveillance.